Do microbes have a soul

[quote=BryPGuy89]To the best of my knowledge the only thing taught to have a soul are human beings. Not animals or any other living creature.

That is not correct. If you get the chance to read Theology for Beginners by F.J. Sheed it has a good section on souls.
I’ll extract just a few bits:

“Every living body - plant, animal, man has a principle of life, that is, it has a constituent which accounts for it being alive. This is its soul.”

“The souls, the life-principles, of plants and animals produce no vital activities which rise above matter. They are marvellous enough, they animate the body; in plants they make possible movement and growth and reproduction, in animals some faint likeness of knowledge, some faint beginning of social life, as well.
But the soul of man not only animates the body, it has powers of its own, powers utterly outside the possibilities of matter. The union of spirit and matter means that the human soul, by which our bodies are living bodies and function as living bodies, is what no other soul is, a spirit.”