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Dear Lavnya,

Above all experts replies I would like to add something from my end about these two dates -

Capitalization Date : System uses this date to default asset value date for rest of asset life cycle. Now here two things to be consider :

a ) Capitalization date is possible to enter on manual basis - as user can enter this date while creating asset master data.

b ) If you do not enter Capitalization Date system automatically adopts from first acquisition posting as a "Capitalization Date".

Acquisition Date : Acquisition date is similarly used as a capitalization date and populated based on it's "First Acquisition" posting and Transaction Types used e.g.100.

In most of the cases where capitalization date is not entered manually system populates these two fields ( Capitalized on and First acquisition on ) from first acquisition transaction posting date.

Now coming to your point I guess user has manually entered Capitalization Date while creating master data and acquisition transaction posted later on dates which is different to Capitalization Date, and hence difference in these two dates.

And Depreciation Start Date which determined based on "Period Control Method" so have a look at your period control method how it is configured.

I hope this will help you to understand functionality regarding date and provides you an insight for your issue. If you need anymore help please get back to forum for further guidance.

Thank you.


Pankaj Bhalerao.

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