What is 100 percent vegetable oil

Tamper Proof Packaging

Current practices of edible oil production & processing in Nigeria involve bulk oil being decanted/transferred to conventional packs. This process means oil is often handled multiple times increasing the chance of exposing the oil to unsanitary conditions e.g. impurities, oxidation, etc. This can lead to various unhygienic effects and may result in poor quality of oil. At Mamador, we deliver 100% quality and 100% purity in our manufacturing process, ensuring Mamador oil is 100% factory packed and sealed.

All Mamador packaging formats are tamperproof, this means that they have all have a seal/cap (or shrink sleeve in the case of the 3.8ltrs bottle) that guarantees the product hasn’t been tampered with. The essence is to re-assure all the mums that love and buy Mamador that they get that pure, cholesterol free cooking oil straight from the source that is clean and unadulterated. If this seal is broken, opened or not existent on opening the pack, it means the pack has been damaged or meddled with.

Mamador Pack Sizes

Mamador comes in a range of different packaging formats each with it's own benefits;

Mamador's DOY pack gives you the ultimate in tamper proof as it cannot be tampered with. To use the oil in the innovative Doy pack, simply spot the scissors cutting at the top left corner labeled “easy pour spout” that shows where the pack can be snipped or cut. Once opened, simply tilt the pack into the cooking pot or frying pan for an easy pour. If content remains, simply fold the cutting edge and use a peg or clip. Put on your kitchen work top as it beautifies your kitchen too or put in a bowl inside the shelf. No need to decant into a used bottle.