Why didnt Count Dooku expose Palpatine

@sirfizzwhizz: Believe me I’m not a fan of Sidious’s. I personally don’t like the idea that he was labeled as the most powerful Sith Lord of all time and I’ve expressed that in other posts. I’ve always thought the most powerful Sith should be open to interpretation. Before I learned it was established that Sidious was the best I thought Darth Nihilus was the best.

Mace was a match to begin with because of Vaapad. I saw a quote for the novelization of RotS that stated Mace was keeping up with Sidious but he really wasn’t capable of beating him, although don’t quote me on that. You can take that statement with a grain of salt. As far as Dooku goes, Dooku was fighting Yoda, not Sidious. Although Yoda and Sidious are roughly equal in skill at this time I’m sure Yoda always fought Dooku with morals on. Sidious doesn’t fight that way. In a fight like this he’d fight to kill as quickly as possible as he did with the Jedi Masters. However, I’m sure morals were off for Yoda when he fought Sidious. He knew the Sith had to be destroyed before they could take control of the galaxy. Even so, he failed to kill Sidious.

As for Anakin it seems hard to tell just how good he is when his morals are off. I would guess he’s better than Dooku and Windu though.

Really I don’t care that much if you legit think Windu beat Sidious, but if you do there’s really no point in posting since you think he alone could win.